Tie Dye

Did you know...

The tie dye technique dates back to the 5th Century. 

In those times obviously there were no industrial and chemical dyes for fabrics so they used natural techniques by coloring garments with berries, leaves, roots and flowers.

Tie dye as we know it today was born in1960's hippie culture. Peace Corp volunteers brought the technique back from West Africa creating the trend that became a symbol of the challenge to conservatism.

Tie-dying is an art that does not always guarantee the desired results. As such there is a freedom to the technique that can produce surprising and exciting effects. Perhaps this unknown element and eastern origin is behind its adoption by counter culture.

Just like the blooming of flowers, the appearance of tie die patterns to brand's collections marks the arrival of Spring. Much loved, enduring and unique - this bold pattern always seems to permeate each Spring/ Summer season.

Tie Dye - a feast of colours and bold patterns...