The baby wishlist that gives you complete freedom & finds you the best prices

For all you French parents that are welcoming an extra family member in the next few months we have a product to introduce you to that you soon won't be able to live without....
We know how overwhelming it can be to get everything in order for a new baby and how you might end up spending hours with ten tabs open on different websites. Mabébéliste is here to solve that issue for you. 
Thanks to its multi-brand catalogue you can see which products are most often bought and loved by future parents. The real standout feature is that for each product you add to your list, mabebeliste will track all the different sites on which you can buy the product and at what price. So when the time comes you know where you can get the product for less. 
The lists it creates are beautiful so you easily share with friends and family who are often eager to know what they can gift you to support in the process. You'll discover some fun features there too - you can "heart" your most wanted and invite people to contribute towards the bigger purchases (prams, room decoration, etc).
You can now create lists on