Getting to know you better: Zebra I Can See

"Overall comfortable. Overall magic. Overall happy." This is the motto behind the Lithuanian brand Zebra I Can See. We chatted with designer Karolina Kibildienè about building sustainable kids wardrobe.

Karolina Kibildienè

designer Zebra I Can See

Zebra I Can See makes organic cotton basics for kids aged 1-7 years made of innovative fabrics that respect people & planet. Their garments & layering essentials are intentionally season-less and unisex, because all kids will need them everyday. No matter the season, no matter the gender, you can enjoy mixing colours and prints and layer them up and down. 

We asked Karolina to tell us more about new projects and to share the story behind this funny name.

Zebra I Can See has environmental responsibility at heart. But at home, what practical lessons can parents give their children?

The easiest way to teach children is to lead by example. It all starts from simple daily life habits, like garbage recycling and asking to help with recycling. You can even make it a game and put different color boxes for kids to learn how to sort out garbage in a funny way. Arrange swopping clothes with friends parties, weekend trips to clothes’ recycling stations or charity shops. Washing clothes with fully loaded machine and on 30 C is a great way to explain about energy savings. Reducing screen time with long walks or bicycle tours. Replacing disposable products with reusable, like reusable sanitary products, shopping bags, straws etc.

Can you name other children's fashion & shoe brands that you like and that go well with your pieces?

We love Toastie outerwear, Ukai socks, Veja sneakers and Petit Nord boots&sandals, that all go super well with our sets.

Tell us a bit more about the innovative and sustainable fabrics you use for your range. 

We use GOTS certified organic cotton, SeaCell™ lyocell, modal and organic cotton blends.

Organic cotton farming does not allow the use of toxic chemicals or GMOs (genetically modified organisms), instead we combine tradition, innovation and science to benefit the environment and promote a good quality of life for everyone involved.

SeaCell™is a fiber made from renewable resources, produced exclusively from sustainable raw materials – wood and seaweed – using methods that save energy and it is completely biodegradable.

The unique properties of seaweed help to protect our skin against the harmful environmental influences which we are exposed to in our daily lives. Seaweed contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals beneficial for skin.

You launched a new project about upcycling, what is about?

Instead of sourcing or producing new denim, which requires massive amounts of water, in collaboration with fashion designer Kristina Kruopienytè we created a special upcycled denim collection, where denim is collected by ourselves, our customers or anybody interested.

With this project we aim to preserve natural resources and integrate circularity little by little.

By upcycling, we renew old quality products, as denim is a very durable material, which ages beautifully with time.

Each piece is unique with custom details designed and produced by Kristina in her own creative studio. All the trims, like bottoms, zippers etc. are also reused from old clothes.

At the moment we have skirts and bucket hats available for purchase and there will be more new products coming out soon.

There is also a possibility to send out your own pair of jeans to us and order a personalised made-to-order skirt/hat.


Is there a story to tell behind the name of your brand? 


It is grammatically incorrect, which came up on purpose to reflect the nature and beauty of childhood. Overall comfortable, overall happy, overall magic and overall responsible.